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Book Covers

Creating the cover to your book isn't about only what you want, but what will sell.


Our goal is to educate you on what is trending, discover your book's genre, reader demographics, including who's and which books are selling while keeping the spirit of the vision you have for your book.

Find out why authors come back to us, changed their perception of graphic design, and why our passion in helping authors made us apart of their team in their author business.

Marketing Promo

Do you know about consumer behavior? Well, here is a fun fact: studies show that it takes a consumer to view a product at least seven times before they purchase.

Combine with our knowledge of the psychology of design, we make marketing graphics that leave an impression to your reader demographics for your newsletters, website, social media, and even videos for your TikTok.

Author Branding

Your Author Name is your writing's brand, and how you present your style of writing will be a promise to your readers of what they should expect in the future.

We can show you how to set your author brand that is authentic to you and your writing, but most importantly, we bring you along the process.

We will help with color palette, your author logo & book monogram, author tagline, plus your author bio. 

Logo Design

FInding the perfect logo is hard!

But we can help by getting to know you, and find a brand that fits not only your personality, but it is an eye-catching, solid investment. 

Let us start your writing career with a professional look that captivates your audience and impresses your colleagues.

Wix Website Design

Creating and maintaining an author is a lot of work, and pretty expensive. By creating a Wix website, it is user friendly to update, with click and drag features, we customize the site to match your needs and style.

With a quick turnaround, you can be ready to post your first blog about your upcoming book, share the latest news about your upcoming projects, or sell your signed copies of your upcoming release or those amazing fan favorites.

Swag Design

Author Events, ARC reader perks, Book Box Merch, Giveaways, Street Teams—Oh my! 


No matter why you need swag, we can help! We will create swag that matches your brand, artwork, and make a statement when you present yourself and books.

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