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Spellbinding Design is a graphic design studio that takes an author's vision and recreates it to meet industry trends and standards.


In this ever-expanding business, there is no shortage of designers, however, what makes us unique is when we create artwork, we bring the author along to be a part of the magic.

Whether it’s for books or author logos and branding, the goal is always to leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees it.

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Laura Hidalgo

She is an award-winning digital artist with two decades of experience in graphic design. With her dedication and drive, she has consistently achieved her career goals. Since 2012, her vast experience and passion for excellence has allowed her to flourish within the publishing industry. Her expertise in her chosen fields has granted authors the opportunity to learn and succeed from her innate knowledge, especially when she transforms their words into a visual design.

Daniel Conde

He is a graphic designer with over a decade of experience. He received his associate's degree from the Art and Design School of Cali, Colombia. Further, he's actively pursuing his bachelor's degree at the Universidad de Bellas Artes. Specializing in digital design, Daniel brings his innate knowledge when creating marketing graphics, book campaigns, author brands, logos, and fictional fantasy maps.






At Spellbinding Design, we transform your vision into stunning visuals that align with industry trends and standards. Here’s what you can expect if you decide to book an appointment with us, and how to prepare for a magical collaboration: Why Choose Spellbinding Design? Comprehensive Consultation: Our sessions cover all aspects of your project, from initial concepts to final touches, ensuring your vision comes to life. Collaborative Process: What sets us apart is our commitment to bringing you along on the journey. We create artwork together, making you an integral part of the magic. What to Expect During the Appointment: Project Creation: We'll work hand-in-hand to design your book cover or branding, combining your ideas with our expertise to create something truly spellbinding. Consultation: We'll dive deep into analyzing successful titles and designs in your genre, identifying key elements that will make your project stand out. Preparation Before the Meeting: To ensure a productive session, please have the following ready: Examples of Book Covers: Select at least three book cover styles you love. This helps us understand your aesthetic preferences and desired direction. Comparable Authors: Identify authors in your genre whose work resonates with yours. This provides insight into the market and helps tailor the design to appeal to your audience. Keywords & Categories: Prepare any keywords you plan to use in your book metadata. These are crucial for optimizing your book's visibility and ensuring the design complements your marketing strategy. As well as the categories you will use for your book. Next Steps: If you’re ready to create something unforgettable together, book an appointment with us! Once booked, you'll receive a detailed confirmation email with all the necessary information, including a link to schedule your session at a convenient time for you. We look forward to making magic with you and leaving a lasting impression on everyone who sees your project!





Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

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